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Force 12 veering westerly

The turning of the world


Asta Sollilja

Like Kohoutek, you were gone

The 100th post


When it rains

Lauren's dress

You and I were meant to drown

The boy who trapped the sun

Summer dress

Possible worlds

Mi espiritu imperecedero

Now I'm lonely waiting

8:13 am

I fell in hard

Old fashioned

Who told you this place exists?

Anything for now


I miss her when it rains

With a southern accent where I come from

Nor the highest part of the dust of the world

Goodbye, for now

Cover me, comfort me


We'll be flawed together


Te echo de menos

Keep on breathing in

Trying not to fall into the sea

I can feel the distance

Far away eyes

Fir Chlis / Northern Lights / Luces del Norte

Strangest thing

Rockall Malin Hebrides Bailey

Is it sunny with you today?

I would feel better next to you

Viene la tormenta